People who think depression is a choice, take a second to think. How would it feel to wake up and not having the emotional strength to face people? To think that time is just passing by with no real reason? To feel so alone even when you are sitting in a room full of people? To have to put on a face and hide your feelings because in your mind you think no one would care anyway? To lose friends because you can’t find the strength to go out and you can’t physically be ‘happy’? To cry yourself to sleep, hoping you wouldn’t wake up then when you do you are exhausted from the night before, and it all starts again? You try to hide your feelings hoping no one would notice. Now tell me why someone would choose that? Depression is an illness, not a choice. If you have, or you know someone who suffers from depression, it’s one thing to reblog this, another to actually understand it.

I respectfully disagree, and I speak from experience, and not conjecture. Depression itself may not be the choice you’ve made, but everything that you’ve given up on that provided you with any sense of inspiration or purpose in your life is what leads to the depression. Depression is not an illness, it’s a symptom. A symptom of choices and a symptom of fears, but in itself is not a choice nor an illness. 

Just because we have no conscious reason to be optimistic doesn’t mean that such reason does not exist. When we cloud our minds with everything that did not work out, and every person that did not respond as we wished they would, we see the gloom instead of the silver linings. Our need for affirmation and significance drives us to betray ourselves in trying to please others beyond that which is fair, in the hope that they will show us the appreciation and acceptance that we desire from them. When they don’t, we question our self-worth and our significance to them and everyone else. That’s when depression sets in.

Show me a depressed baby and I’ll reconsider my views, but depression is never present in a human before they reach the age of reason or logic. Before that, they don’t know how to judge themselves based on the hypocrisy of others. This is a unique skill that society indoctrinates in us, with us being the very core of that same society. We are our own biggest fools, because we’re more often the architects of our demise before we’re the architects of our success.