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Don’t turn your emotions into a crutch, or let your past ruin your life. Get The Egosystem now and regain control of your future.
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No mantras, lists, exercises to do, prescriptive steps to take, or touchy-feelie rants. Just simple logic that will remove the clutter and restore sanity where you once thought sanity may be lost forever.

The Egosystem is not an academic indulgence of science, chemistry, or mumbo-jumbo psycho-analysis. It unpacks the humanity that exists in all of us, regardless of cultural, religious, or philosophical persuasions. The Egosystem makes it possible for you to reconnect with the essence of who you are, and it empowers you to change what you may dislike about your life.

  • Understand your needs
  • Recognise your assumptions
  • Embrace your fears
  • Master your behaviours
  • Hone your responses
  • Establish more informed perceptions about the world

These are all outcomes that will naturally result from your time reading this book.

It does not provide you with exercises to do, or mantras to repeat to reduce the dis-ease that you may feel. Instead, it simply makes you aware of why you respond to life the way that you do. This, in turn, prompts the natural curiosity and intelligence of the mind to make conscious choices to either accept who you are, or to change the cycle if you prefer to be better.

The Egosystem is not about self-help. It is about self-awareness.

In a world where everyone expects us to live according to norms that will give us a sense of inclusion in society, but rob us of our own identity, we eventually lose any sense of who we are.

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