Life Coaching – Gift Certificate

R1,400.00 R1,200.00


3 x 60 minute coaching sessions

Do you know someone that will benefit from life coaching, but they just won’t take that step?

Perhaps they want to, but can’t afford it?

Buying them a gift certificate will show them that you care about their future, and not only about their immediate happiness.

Sometimes, it may be that they’re stuck in a rut, and only you can see the potential that they have to rise above it.

But at other times, it could be that they’re going through a difficult time at work, recovering from a devastating loss, struggling to get over childhood trauma, or perhaps they’re going through a painful divorce.

Buying them a gift certificate will allow them to process their emotions, and discover powerful ways to reconnect with the person you know is hidden behind their current struggles, or distractions.

What if they’re not based in Johannesburg, South Africa? 

Coaching sessions are offered either in person if they’re close by, or virtually through the use of video calling services.

Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp, and Messenger are some of the supported platforms. Platforms that require a subscription will have to be paid for by the client.

All sessions are booked against Central African Time (CAT). Please use the booking form to confirm your preferred date and time.

P.S. An admin fee is charged for the issuing of the gift certificate. All certificates are issued electronically.

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Session Type

In Person, Video Call


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