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Embracing ME


Living your best life is possible. Embracing growth with excitement rather than trepidation or fear can be your new normal. That horrible childhood experience, or the debilitating betrayal of your loved one doesn’t need to weigh you down any longer. Embrace who you are, despite what life has thrown at you.

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The Back Cover Blurb

We are a world of beautiful souls who sometimes feel overwhelmed in our search for love or understanding.

Our efforts, to be understood by those most important to us, can bring out the worst in us.

Reconciling and releasing that hidden rage or sadness, maybe even that feeling of being incomplete is now possible.

Your search for answers from childhood experiences at the hands of absent, or often abusive care-givers is reachable.

Even that betrayal of trust from someone closest to your heart can be healed.

The power to change your life always was, and always will be yours, and yours alone.

embracing ME guides you gently through a unique approach of decoding your emotions so that you may transform the pain of your past into peace for your future.


What’s different in this book compared to your previous book, Own Your Sh!t? 

The previous book was primarily focused on making the philosophy and concepts in the first book (The Egosystem) more accessible. The use of language was simpler, and the context was more relatable from a practical perspective. Embracing ME incorporates a lot more information based on feedback from readers, and based on common themes that arose from the discussions around the previous book (Own Your Sh!t).

This book has a number of new chapters included to provide more meaningful context to how our ego shapes our being, the mind and body relationship and how that affects our physical health, and also includes substantial revisions to the explanations provided for some of the key concepts that some people still struggle to grasp.

Does this mean that Embracing Me is more complicated?

Absolutely not. The use of language and the way that the insights are described were simplified further from the previous book. This is in line with the author’s goal of ensuing that the content is as accessible as possible so that the broadest possible audience can benefit from it. Own Your Sh!t attracted audiences as young as 12 years old, who were also able to successfully grasp the concepts and implement them.

However, some of the 35 to 45 year old readers appeared to have a particularly difficult time connecting with certain aspects of the book because of their life experiences. More effort was therefore put into bringing greater context into these concepts so that it is easier to connect the dots between what the book reveals, and real life.

Why should I buy this book if I already have Own Your Sh!t?

While the core message is similar, there is a lot more context that has been introduced into Embracing Me. Also, depending on the social circles to which you belong, some people are averse to engaging about a book with a seemingly abrasive title. Own Your Sh!t is a polarising title and makes engagement cross social circles or even generations in the same family difficult. Embracing Me has been focused on ensuring that the title, and the content are more family-friendly so that you would feel proud to share it with anyone who may be able to benefit from it.

As always, the focus is on making this as accessible as possible. The focus has always been on providing information that is easy to connect with for everyone, and not to produce something that is deeply philosophical, or abstract in nature.

Embracing Me ensures that everything is of a practical value, that if embraced, will result in immediate improvement in our mental health, and how we contend with the challenges in our lives, or feel about difficult experiences from our past.

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