Trivia about me

The only reason I put this list together is because people often assume that my opinions and philosophy about life are based on theory, and not real-world experience or understanding. So here goes nothing…

  1. I do all my own cover designs and typesetting for my books. I want it to personally set the tone for the message that I want to share with my readers.
  2. I love to challenge myself to acquire new skills. It’s the easiest way to cheat old age.
  3. The novel, An Incomplete Love Story, although inspired by true life events, is entirely fictional, with the main aim being to honour my first wife’s life.
  4. I don’t focus on honouring occasions or anniversaries and the like, because that diminishes the beauty of life between such events. I choose to celebrate life itself. Every. Single. Day.
  5. I’ve been married and divorced multiple times. The exact number isn’t important. But it is more than I would care to mention.
  6. I don’t believe that we should be defined by the outcomes of poorly informed decisions, but we must accept accountability for our contribution towards it, and accept its consequences.
  7. My book titled Own Your Sh!t got its title because at the time of publishing it, there was an absurd obsession with the use of expletives for non-fiction titles. This was as abrasive as I was willing to get to ensure that my book didn’t disappear into the background. I sometimes regret the title, but I also accept that it was a necessary step to ensure that my book found its audience. (I’ve since removed it from online listings and print and replaced it with Own Your Life).
  8. I have first-hand experience at being on the receiving end of marital rape, physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, corporate bullying, parental alienation, rebuilding fragile souls after child abuse, and more. Yes, men experience these things as well.
  9. I also successfully and fully recovered from clinically diagnosed high cholesterol, hypertension, early stage diabetes, a severe allergy to peanut butter, shingles, psoriasis, depression and more. I therefore have first-hand knowledge and experience of the ravages of anti-depressant medication, well-intentioned but misguided psychotherapy, and the recklessness with which prescription medication and nutritional supplements are handed out.
  10. My recovery from all the above, and my ability to deal with the life experiences mentioned, were only possible through applying the philosophy that I describe in The Egosystem. Coupled with my knowledge of understanding the signals in our bodies, I was able to identify the underlying emotional duress that caused those physical ailments that I experienced.
  11. Through this approach, I am free of all the health issues mentioned above, including the allergy to peanut butter. I take no supplements, I don’t gym, nor do I do regular exercise, and I don’t diet. Yet my health is maintained through ensuring that I am mindful about the duress under which I place my body because of my emotional state, which allows me to prevent illness or disease from taking hold.
  12. This is at the core of all my efforts in coaching people towards reclaiming their lives.
  13. It is entirely possible to live without chronic medication, supplements, exhaustive workout routines, and diets. All we need is a healthy emotional balance and everything else takes care of itself.



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