My passion for writing goes back to my school days, but was only actively nurtured when I started blogging in the early 2000’s. (Yeah, I’ve been around that long).

For many years, I blogged anonymously regarding my philosophies about life, and more importantly, mental health.

From one blog, I eventually created a second blog for a different purpose, and then a third, and eventually consolidated them all into this website, at which point I decided to discard my anonymity. I realised that my message would be more authentic if I made myself available to my readers. As a result, you can now trawl through my blogs by clicking here.

Blogging was never going to be enough, so way back in 2010 I began toying with the idea of publishing a book. I started compiling a fictional autobiography inspired by true events of my life. After many false starts, I eventually shelved that project.

In 2018, after leaving the corporate world, I decided to publish my first book because I wanted to give people an opportunity to critically review my approach to mental health. For this reason, I published The Egosystem, which is what I believe drives human behaviour in every moment of our lives.

I also wanted to be sure that my work was as accessible as possible, so I published a second book titled Own Your Sh!t intended for a broader mainstream audience.

But my pet project that I started in 2010 was growing restless on the shelf, so in 2019, I resurrected the project to write my fictional memoir. Or autofiction, as they call it in the literary industry. An Incomplete Love Story was finally born, and the feedback and reviews have been nothing short of amazing.

I will continue to explore both fiction and non-fiction genres in my efforts to share with the world my understanding of what may bring some peace to these troubled times.

In my journey of seeking to understand myself, I have stumbled upon gifts and insights that I hope to share with others so that they may develop the same wonderment that I have for this world and its people, despite having so much reason to feel despondent about the future.

My books are available on Amazon and Kindle, and through my website for South African readers.