“The flower fluttered in the wind and blossomed
radiantly as if the whole world was admiring it. At that point I realised
that it was beautiful even if I was not there to admire its beauty, and for
a brief moment I felt a deep yearning for people to be like that flower.”
(The Egosystem)

Front cover of a book titled The Egosystem by Zaid Ismail

Paying attention to detail around you is the easy part. Understanding
why you take what you do from that detail is the
not-so-easy part. That’s emotional mindfulness, and that’s what
the author delivers on in this powerful read. The Egosystem is a
hard-hitting take on introspection and self-awareness. It leads
you on a journey to achieve a level of mindfulness where it
matters most. Your emotions.

“Superbly insightful and thoughtfully put together.”

Dr Yazeed Seedat

“This book is that rare thing, a genuine self help tool.”

Vasim Malik

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