I enjoyed a successful career in the corporate environment for more than 25 years, dedicating a large part of it to coaching and mentoring team members.

My restlessness meant that I enjoyed a very diverse career. I worked in the public and private sectors locally and internationally. I answered calls in call centres, established new operational structures in IT at blue chip companies, optimised business operations, headed up innovation projects, and even defined digital strategies for multi-national organisations.

But none of it felt like it was truly my calling.

In early 2018 I decided that it was time to pursue that which had always fired up the passion in me. Uplifting people.

I had been coaching and mentoring others in the workplace for a long time, and also pursued it actively as a personal passion through my blogs and other online channels. I coached total strangers from around the world in all age groups. Until finally, I decided to dedicate my life to this passion.

Being a single dad of two teenage daughters, I’m acutely aware of the pressure that current social norms places on teens, including the adults raising them.

I understand first-hand the impact of absent parents, exhausted parents, or just bad parenting. The resultant harm to the self-image of a child, or even the parent that grew up in such an environment, is something that can affect the quality of our relationships well into our adult years.

“Zaid’s quiet confidence and deep sense of wisdom allows an environment of absolute trust with no judgement. Having seen life from so many angles, Zaid walks the journey of life with you through every phase of your growth cycle.“

Somayya Akhalwaya – South Africa

My passion for improving personal effectiveness inspired my unique approach to life coaching. My approach is informed by real-world experience, and not abstract theories about human behaviour.

While most therapists and life coaches focus on situational mindfulness, meditation techniques, and coping mechanisms, I focus on overcoming the lingering impact of the life experiences that weigh us down. It’s important for us to break the hold that the past has on us, rather than just learning to cope with it more effectively.

If we’re not aware of why we show up the way that we do, we’ll never understand why we make the choices that we do. This is at the core of my philosophy in guiding my clients towards gaining a more holistic understanding of the events and relationships that have shaped their lives.

By focusing on this emotional mindfulness, we’re able to take the good from those experiences, and release those parts that do not serve us or our future.

“I have been blown away with the impact life coaching with Zaid has had on so many areas of my life. Zaid’s gentle and effective approach for helping me see that the way I viewed myself was not evidence based but rather stories I had been telling myself has been so insightful. As a result, my capacity has increased significantly, I think about things differently, I believe in myself and have more confidence, I’m focused on adding value and I have been more active in the networking space, which has, in turn created notable opportunities. Relationships in my personal life have also improved to no end. I will always be so grateful to Zaid.

Emma Allen-Rowlandson – South Africa

As part of my efforts towards breaking the stigma, I regular participate in discussions on community radio and TV stations where we deal with pressing issues related to mental health .

The stigma around mental health is more damaging than the challenges that we face in being human.

My life’s passion is to contribute towards undoing this irrational stigma about mental health so that we can once more see the human behind the behaviour, rather than labelling the human experience as an illness.

Zaid Ismail

I am able to share my passion for making sound mental health advice available for free to the public through sharing volumes of free content that I produce and distribute via social media. You can support my efforts by contributing here. If you wish to connect, please complete the contact form on this site and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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