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If I do good, it will come back to me in unexpected ways. No. It won't. The streets are full of homeless bodies and souls that have done good, but it wasn't returned. Or are we suggesting that those that are in a bad state have done no good? This transactional view of life is becoming more popular each day, and it does nothing good for the one that holds this view.

We do good because we want others to experience less hardship

When an act of charity becomes business

It's that time of the year when everyone is talking about resolutions for change in their lives, and many are judging me for not giving a damn about the fuss. Don't click away yet. This is not a rant or a pity party. It's a genuine attempt to offer you an alternate perspective on all of this.

It's easy to assume that I'm jaded for not feeling festive in the festive season, or for not counting down the seconds to the new year. But I'm not jaded. In fact, I'd like to argue that people who do celebrate

Celebrate Life

My naivety has often led to prickly situations that didn't end well. Sometimes the prickiness of the situation resulted in the loss of what I assumed to be a heartwarming friendship. But the thing about conviction is that it makes it impossible to withdraw an unpopular sentiment in order to preserve the illusion of friendship, or any relationship for that matter. I refer to it as an illusion because once its true nature is revealed, we discover that what we held dear was simply a perception that

The Arrogance of Forgiveness

After the successful release of my first book, I realised that I need to consolidate my online presence. But first, I'd like to express my sincere appreciation for your support and feedback on my blog over the last ten plus years.

I have recently upgraded to the premium services of WordPress and will be merging all my content from my blog ( and my author website ( My new official

Public Service Announcement

The choice to improve our state has always appeared to be a default setting for human nature. Just like the baby that learns to crawl before learning to walk and then run, adults also seek constant progress with the aim to achieve more comfort or fulfilment in their lives. The nature of this world is such that everything, including the human body with all its marvelous designs is in a constant state of entropy. In the absence of entropy, no effort would be needed to maintain

Build, Maintain, or Destroy

I saw an illustration this morning that showed a man walking with a heavy shadow weighing him down. From one tile to the next the shadow grew bigger and more daunting until eventually it got inside him turning the inside of his body into a dark cave, with a little figure of him sitting helplessly in a corner inside his body. When asked by someone else how he was doing, he simply replied that he was fine, while apparently hiding the darkness inside of him. Many who have experienced, or are experiencing

Depression is not…

It feels weird not having a specific topic to post about. The challenge definitely made me more consistent in my efforts to pick up my game in the writing space, but there appears to be more that I'm noticing that has changed. One thing that I've been keen to do at the end of this challenge was try to string together a typical day while incorporating all the tasks of the challenge. Some of it may not be practical, but most of it will result in quite an interesting day. 

This blog was started over ten years ago as

Mental Wealth Challenge: Day 20

That wholesome breakfast challenge from yesterday turned out to be quite a treat. I was also pleasantly surprised that my experimentation in the kitchen is yielding some delicious results as well. My daughter was amazed that I was capable of such a meal and I'm still not sure if I should take that as a compliment or an insult?

Either way, it was a welcomed indulgence to get the morning off to a good start and resulted in

Mental Wealth Challenge: Day 19

We're in the finishing straight now. Just a few more days to go. Going the entire day without complaining yesterday was not too difficult, although I know someone else that struggled. Eventually by lunchtime they simply forgot that the challenge was still on, but not before finding ways to redefine a complaint as a statement, or an observation. 

Complaints reduce our sense of gratitude and easily distract us by everything

Mental Wealth Challenge: Day 17
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The Egosystem is about 6 simple points that lead you to a better version of yourself.

Self-awareness is core to being able to apply yourself meaningfully in your life, and towards your life goals. If you are not self-aware, you will be driven by the way others see you, and not by what you know to be true of yourself.

Take back your control of your emotions and your future and own your life. It is entirely possible by applying the six basic principles of The Egosystem to learn how to:

  1. Understand your needs
  2. Recognise the assumptions that you make
  3. Face the fears that you feel
  4. Consciously choose your actions
  5. Understand the responses that you get from others
  6. And finally, realise how your perceptions shape your needs


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