A touch of the hand was the easy part. Allowing her to touch my soul was a dare I wasn’t ready to accept.

zaid ismail
(an incomplete love story)

Fear does not yield power without permission

Zaid Ismail
(Own Your Sh!t)

Sometimes when things feel like they’re falling apart, they may actually be falling into place

Zaid Ismail
(The Egosystem)

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Truths inspire confidence, while doubts inspire fear.

Zaid Ismail
(Own Your Sh!t)

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  1. Shahid Khan says:

    Zaid I’d like to make a donation for the book I downloaded but it would be much easier to have all my teeth extracted

    1. Zaid Ismail says:

      Eish. Sorry to hear that. Please let me know what challenges you’re experiencing. I’ve had successful transactions on the payment gateway this week. So it should be fully operational. If you prefer, you’re welcome to email me at info@zaidismail.com and I’ll send you the EFT details to make it easier.

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