The pain of being empty

When we're overcome with the pain of betrayal, or loss, our focus is often on what we no longer have, rather than the gaping hole that it left in our soul.We try to reconcile the events or the mysteries that led up to that moment when what we cherished was suddenly taken.Sometimes taken by fate,

Trading your future for your past

How much of life is wasted trying to reconcile the bad experiences of the past?For every moment that we spend dwelling on an injustice or oppression against us in the past, we impose an injustice and oppression on ourselves and others in the present moment.The present moment is what takes care of the future. That's

Surrender to servitude

We all want to be significant because of who we are. This is what defines our place or sense of belonging in this world. When we find reason to believe that we are not enough, we convince ourselves that we will only ever be valued for what we can do. That's when we stop trying

To tell your story

Sometimes, we grow obsessed with finding a receptive heart to appreciate the story of who we are.It's a story that we cherish so dearly that just the thought of placing it in careless hands is frightening.It becomes a weight that we carry within us, keeping us anchored to moments long gone, but moments that we

Rocks don’t bleed

Sometimes your tears are a mourning of what was, and at other times it's a yearning for what could have been.More than this, it's a path to the gentleness of your soul that is oppressed by the trials of life.When your heart stops yearning for what was, or what you wish could be different, your

Uniquely you

When trying to fit in feels burdensome or overwhelming, it may be time to consider that you were created for a purpose greater than just imitating the behaviour of others.Recognising the uniqueness of who we are becomes difficult if we spend our lives focused on meeting the expectations of others in the hope that we