Woman Nature

Definitely one of the most amazing motivators to start a war...the power of the nature of a woman to impassion a man will never be fully appreciated, except by the man caught under the spell of such persuasion. A woman...a real woman, can turn a man's pleasure into agony and back into pleasure within seconds,

Batting for the Underdog

People that bat for the underdog are usually the underdogs in their own lives...only difference is, the courage they lack in fighting their own battles is what they muster up to fight for the underdog in other spheres of their lives. They do this in the hope that it will replace the lost self-worth resulting from


Is it possible to be so in sync with another's heart that even their hormonal imbalances can affect your own emotions? Most of my life I've focused on understanding the human psyche better, but i didn't realise that my sense of compassion would predispose me to empathising more than I should with most of them...it's

I’ve Learnt…

I've learnt that at some point the obvious will always reign supreme, whilst your dreams will fade into oblivion. The bite of reality is far more vicious than its bark. Don't confuse ambition with dreams...they're very different in so many ways...passion is what drives ambition...and when I've figured out what drives dreams, I'll be sure

Believing in Others

Does it really matter whether you believe in someone else or not? Do we do it because we love or care for them, or is it because we hope that in turn they will believe in us? We live in a time when WIIFM (what's in it for me?) is the order of the day, so

Audacity of Hope

Without it, we tend towards defeatism, hopelessness and victim-consciousness...with it, we risk being vulnerable, needy or optimistic in the face of life...but I'd rather hope and be proven wrong on occasion, than to be hopeless and wait for life to happen to me by someone else's rules. If I'm going to fade, or be defeated,