Gullibility is usually an expression of a deep need to be accepted, so instead of seeking acceptance blatantly, we accept blatantly, hoping to receive the same in return...of course it never happens, because there's simply far too many people out there that would rather take advantage of your gullibility than reciprocate your trust.

Ubridled Venom

How I wish I was capable of that...but my anal upbringing about being responsible and decent and well mannered has pretty much inhibited any such raw expression of WTF will have to suffice for if anyone gives a crap either way...


The convenient state of believing that our actions or words or even writings are significant, if not to anyone else, then at least to ourselves because they're gems of wisdom that someone will appreciate at some point...of course, it's also the convenient state of assuming that we're more important than we really's a healthy place [...]