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Seeing a beautiful soul regain its wings is the most rewarding and fulfilling sight ever. The resilience of the human spirit is only ever dowsed by the deliberately destructive behaviour of our own choices. If we allow the spirit to be guided without dictation but instead through true reflection and trust in the One who…

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Cynic’s Paradise

I stumbled across a website recently that claims to be a sanctuary for cynics. I think they got it all wrong...there is no sanctuary for cynics, only platforms from which their exaggerated attempts to impress others while unintentionally exposing their desperation to be acceptable by those they admire but despise because they've never been deemed…

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Who Cares?

When afliction hits me, it's so easy to slip into a state of self-pity, or more accurately self-loathing and dismiss everything of significance as nothing at all, simply because it seems like no one cares at all. I've often wondered how faith in a greater power may or may not affect this state of mind.…

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