Don’t trade your virtues for vices

Don't withhold the beauty of your spirit just because there is no one around to appreciate it.Be who you are, and let others be who they choose to be.The expectation of being treated the way we treat others is what causes much bitterness and anger.It's not worth it.Give without the expectation of receiving. And when [...]

Faith is always there

Faith is often associated with spirituality, or religion.But faith plays a role in our lives in ways we easily lose sight of.When we trust someone, we have faith in them to do the right thing.When we mistrust someone, we have reason to fear that they'll do the wrong thing, meaning that we have more faith [...]

Home breakers

Those who live with the expectation of receiving what they need, rather than putting in the effort to create it with their own heart and hands, will take for granted that which others have exhausted themselves building.Like a home. There are too many who expect to feel at home because of their material contribution, but [...]