How to abandon your dreams

Failure only threatens is if we feel defined by the outcome of our efforts in trying to achieve our goals.Sometimes those goals are small things that influence the daily quality of our lives, and sometimes it's big things that shape our future.The source of fearing failure is in our need to be respected by those [...]

Embrace the whole of you

We often discard good advice because we don't like the source.Sometimes it's because we don't want to appear weak in front of them, and other times it's because we are trying to save face after having treated them badly.Emotional maturity is achieved when we are willing to learn from our enemies and loved ones alike.It's [...]

To be near death

Yesterday, I watched a man die. I didn't know him. I don't know if he was a good person. Nor do I know if he was loved. But his body and his face had all the signs of one who lived in emotional duress. He was a married man, and therefore most likely loved. He [...]