You judge others as you judge yourself

The irony of helping others out of the dark spaces in their lives is that when they emerge, they’re often inclined to avoid you because you remind them of a time when they were weak.When we believe that such weakness is deplorable, we remain weak.When we view ourselves through the lens of weak versus strong, [...]

Live life. Really, live it.

How do you cheat life? You focus on what you don't have, instead of what you can give.We're hard-wired, even before birth, to create something bigger than who we are.We need to be part of something that gives us a sense of belonging or significance.Anything that will convince us that our existence is not inconsequential [...]

What is purpose anyway?

While we chase the big question about the purpose of life, we lose sight of the life that we waste daily as we go about serving some purpose or the other without realising it.That's the thing about being distracted from the present moment.We're so concerned about the future, and often still processing the past, that [...]