Mental Wealth Challenge: Day 19

That wholesome breakfast challenge from yesterday turned out to be quite a treat. I was also pleasantly surprised that my experimentation in the kitchen is yielding some delicious results as well. My daughter was amazed that I was capable of such a meal and I’m still not sure if I should take that as a compliment or an insult?

Either way, it was a welcomed indulgence to get the morning off to a good start and resulted in a very productive day. So often it becomes clear only later on that the effect of something simple can be so profound, but we lose that when we go searching for the profound while ignoring the simple treasures around us.

Day 19: Do one thing you’ve been putting off

How cringe-worthy is this challenge? It could be something as simple as finishing a DIY project, or completing some outstanding filing. What if it was something a little more intense, like apologising for something you know you did wrong but were too ashamed to face up to it until now? Making a call to a loved one that you have been avoiding because you know they might ask you about something that you’re still embarrassed about? Or reaching out to an old friend after you just stopped talking to them for no reason at all? 

“The contemplation of death is worse than death itself.”

Steven Seagal (Hard to Kill)

I think the same is true for times when we preempt the outcome of something and delay it until we have no choice in the matter at all. It’s as if we need to break some imaginary fear barrier before we do what we know we should have done all along. The point being, the longer you put off something important, the more burdensome it will be. Consider how often you expected something to go badly and instead you were pleasantly surprised by the outcome?

Or maybe, like Buddha apparently said, you think you still have time? 

Contemplative Thoughts

I sometimes wonder if the designer of the Nike logo was drawing creative blanks and at the last minute decided to just do it and submit it, and that’s how they came up with the famous swish? Or is that swoosh? If you think about it, the Nike logo does represent the universal hand gesture of flipping your hand in a circular motion away from your body as if to say ‘whatever’. Whatever, just do it, make it happen, you got this. Whichever works for you, just do it. 

Stop over thinking things, stop worrying about what others may think of you, or what if you fail. All of that simply holds you back from making progress. If it doesn’t work out the way you had hoped, think of all the mental clutter that you can finally let go of with it because you no longer have to wonder about the what-ifs or the if-only possibilities. 

Be bold. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, not for you, nor for the person that you might be avoiding. Instead of living with regrets, rather live with conviction. Life is so much more exciting when you do. 

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