Mental Wealth Challenge: Day 18

Instead of sending myself flowers yesterday, I decided to resurrect some dying flowers in the garden. This summer heat in South Africa doesn’t help that cause, but I did manage to recover a jasmine bush, harvested some green chilli from my little tree, and I used some of the curry leaves from my curry leave tree this week. So I think all things considered, that should qualify as having sent myself some flowers, right? 

More than the flowers, the value of this challenge for me was that it prompted me to indulge my senses and grounded my mind by giving me something to focus on that had nothing to do with the challenges that I face in life. It is this type of creative expression that aids immensely in quieting the mind and allowing you to take a breather from the pressures of everyday life. 

Day 18: Make time for a wholesome breakfast

When you read that and you start thinking of hotel breakfasts, or the canteen special, or worse still, McDonald’s, then know that I am making a silent prayer for you. Wholesome means different things to different people. For me, it’s anything that doesn’t come in a box, or can’t be bought over the counter at a fast food outlet. But that’s just me. 

The point is, do more than just the bare minimum that you need to stave off the hunger. Cereal is hardly wholesome, and most often barely qualifies as healthy or as real food. The time to prepare your breakfast is an indulgence of the senses. It awakens you to possibilities, and gets the creative juices flowing. Unless of course you insist on following a strict routine, in which case your senses know what to expect so they yawn and go back to sleep, and your brain is so trained that it doesn’t bother to consider any alternatives to anything. 

Give yourself a break and spoil yourself. Not by spending money for someone else to spoil you, but by immersing yourself in a meal preparation that speaks to you. And if you have limited to no skills in the kitchen, let this experimentation be part of the fun of trying something new. Frying an egg is really not that hard. I promise!

Wholesome Thoughts

Outsourcing your health or your appetite to others is more an indulgence of the ego than it is of your good health. Take the money away and what are you left with? Not a lot. The joys and simple pleasures of life are lost when it becomes available through a few clicks online, or the swipe of a credit card. Yes, there is enjoyment in savouring the experiences that money can buy, but the moment money becomes the minimum requirement to experience such joy, the absence of it will hurt a lot more than your ego.

Take care of yourself. Invest in your skills and growth beyond just retail therapy. Quick fixes and meals in a box do very little for long term wholesomeness of experiences or life. In fact, they are intended to remove distractions so that we can focus on what we think is more important. I hope that the ‘more important’  thing that you are chasing while outsourcing the little pleasures in life is in fact more important. If not, you may find yourself one day wondering why life feels so empty, and why that dinner that you always enjoyed so much doesn’t seem to fill any gaps on the inside any longer. 

Make time for a wholesome breakfast. You might surprise yourself. 

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