Mental Wealth Challenge: Day 15

Catching up with yesterday’s challenge today is what has made it possible for me to post today’s challenge so early. Proof that waking up early is key to productivity? I think so. The summer mornings have such a beautiful melody between the birds and the running water of the fountain, and not to mention the shrieking of the Hadedas

The air is definitely fresher, and the world seems deceptively peaceful at this time of the morning. I suspect it is because the negative energies are still asleep, rather than contaminating such early morning serenity with their selfish demands. I wonder if it will be possible to measure when the morning starts feeling tainted in that respect, cross reference that with the wake up times of the people in your neighbourhood, and then compile a database of the negative ones so that we can either develop an intervention strategy to improve their state, or keep them permanently sedated? 

A man can dream, right? 

Day 15: Plan a tea / smoothie date with a friend

This could be as much a selfish endeavour as it could be an exercise in paying it forward. Of course it assumes that you have friends. If not, treat yourself to a smoothie. There are some really amazingly creative flavours available these days. I suspect the point of this challenge is closer to it being an opportunity to share a human connection than it is about returning the favour, or just being social. Perhaps being social, even casually, does indeed foster that human connection that we all need to sustain a never satiated heart? 

Tea or smoothie, or maybe coffee, is food for the soul. I prefer tea. There is at least an inkling of ceremony about it, having to steep the teabag before being able to add the milk and honey. Unless of course you are a barista, in which case you can lay claim to such ceremony as well. But standing on the other side of the counter watching someone do it for you doesn’t qualify. Nor does pressing a button on your bean-to-cup coffee maker. 

Wistful Thoughts

The indulgence of the act is more important than the act itself. If it is simply habit, its essence is lost. And habits erode mindfulness, so perhaps today is a good day to pretend you’re a barista, even with instant coffee, or at least a master tea brewer. Savour the scents and the textures, and if you’re fortunate, perhaps even share the experience with a friend. 

Being able to claim friendship, true friendship and not the Facebook kind, is a blessing in a cursed world. But the world only appears cursed if you have a toxic vantage point. Maybe a good cup of tea with some good company will offer a fresh perspective, and a sliver of hope. There can never be too much hope in this world. Mars is a billionaire’s wet dream, so we may as well make the most of the world we have. 

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