Mental Wealth Challenge: Day 14

Sending the uplifting texts to at least 5 people might have been difficult for some, and not so difficult for others. For those with an active social life, it’s easy. Uplifting could be anything from a joke to a compliment to a moment of nostalgia that is shared. But, spare a thought for those not so socially connected. They’re the ones that often need the upliftment more than others. 

Of course there are also those that do not wish to be bothered and might snap at you for disrupting their quiet little space. Uplift them anyway. 

Day 14: Wake up 30 minutes early to pray

Depending on your religious or spiritual persuasion, this may already be a habit for you. If that’s true, put in a bit of extra effort for this challenge. The fact that I am posting this update too late in the day to fulfill this challenge is not helping at all. But given how easy tomorrow’s challenge may or may not be for you, you can incorporate today’s challenge into tomorrow’s routine and still benefit from both. 

If you are not inclined towards prayer, wake up early anyway and use the time to contemplate or reflect on the trajectory of your life. There is a crispness and purity of energy in the morning air that is unrivalled at any other time of the day. If nothing else, you will feel refreshed, and maybe even more alive and peaceful than you may have felt in years. 

Early Morning Thoughts

Seems I didn’t learn my lesson from the challenge about task lists. If I did, I wouldn’t have missed posting about today’s challenge the day before so that it could actually be fulfilled on time. There was a time when waking up early was easy, if not natural. No alarm clocks needed. It’s not so easy anymore. 

Some are inclined to believe that it’s simply age that is setting in. I disagree. Age has nothing to do with it. Mental agility however has everything to do with it. Over the years we take things for granted. Not always the good things. Sometimes we take the bad things for granted and start accumulating assumptions about what won’t improve each day. As these assumptions increase in volume, subconsciously we start reminding ourselves why a new day is such a burden rather than a blessing. Since our bodies simply respond to what we ask of it, early mornings hold more dread than promise, and our bodies respond in kind.

Remember how different it feels when you have an exciting day ahead and you need to get out of bed? Waking up with a bounce out of bed without the feeling of lethargy or any sense of being burdened? It wasn’t because you were younger, it was because you had more reason to feel excited about life. Do you still have that spark in you? Or have you become an expert at predicting the outcomes of self-fulfilled prophecies? 

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