Mental Wealth Challenge: Day 12

Did you enjoy your lunch in the sun yesterday? Or did you defer the challenge to the weekend when it will be more convenient to do it? It’s not always a bad thing if you put things off for a more convenient time. That is part of being kind to yourself and pacing yourself as you work your way through this marathon of a life. As long as you don’t delay things because you would prefer not to deal with it, because that way things often escalate if they have some urgency about why they need to be dealt with. 

Day 12: Unsubscribe from unnecessary emails

Firstly, and most importantly, your subscription to my email list is very necessary. Unsubscribing would be detrimental to your mental health, and it will not be a kindness to yourself. So choose carefully when unsubscribing from email lists today. 

On a slightly more serious note, the ways in which online businesses lure you into subscribing to their lists can sometimes border on unethical. For me, I intend to work through my subscriptions to find any of them that were unsolicited, or forced because of a condition of purchase of something else, or because I needed to use some other essential service. 

Whenever I’ve had a rough start to the day, I can clearly recall the frustration of having to clear all the spam from my inbox before I could get to my important stuff. By the way, I intend to unsubscribe from unnecessary groups on social media as well, because having a more focused feed will hopefully bring more value to me from what tends to be distractions in my day. 

Closing Thoughts

Not a lot that comes to mind this morning. Perhaps just a reminder that this is yet another step towards clearing up the clutter. Clutter is quite an interesting phenomenon because we accumulate it when we have good intentions, and we find a need to discard it when we realise that it is preventing us from fulfilling other good intentions. Talk about irony. 

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