Mental Wealth Challenge: Day 11

Was it difficult for you to choose five things to give away yesterday? My daughters struggled with the challenge a bit. Being teens, they both deal with life and possessions from a sentimental standpoint and not an intellectual one. Oh, wait…most adults tend to do the same as well! 

After some prompting and encouragement and motivating, they both embraced the challenge, the one more than the other. But their commitment to follow through is what was important for me. It’s not about doing it perfectly or easily, but about being committed to improve that aspect of your mental health. The ability to let go, to create space for the new, and to sacrifice sentimental possessions for the benefit of others. All of these, I am hoping, are more important life lessons for them than any text book could teach them. 

Day 11: Enjoy the sun. Eat lunch outside. 

I find sunshine to be extremely therapeutic. Like everything else in life, moderation always applies and is well-advised, especially given the prevalence of skin cancer among some demographic groups. But, going to either extreme is never healthy. 

The focus is not to tan while having lunch. That would distract you from taking in the experience and instead direct your attention to your physical appearance. I’ve read a few articles that suggest that sun-gazing is healthy for the pineal gland which plays an important role in regulating your hormonal balances in your body. Some even refer to it as the third eye, because it is believed to be key to your intuition. 

Whatever it does, the experience of sun-gazing, the warmth, the comfortable peace that is felt when just immersing yourself in that moment in the sunshine all add up to a positive mental and physical experience. So instead of trying to rationalise why we should do it, just do it. 

Warming Thoughts

The number of points to be grateful for in this challenge is substantial. But again, allow yourself to simply enjoy the experience without trying to analyse why it may or may not be a good thing for you. Unfortunately, due to legislation, a lot of the outdoor spaces that are available to have lunch tend to be set aside for smokers. So it might be worth your while to go outside of the rush hour to enjoy the sunshine without the stench of burnt tobacco fields irritating your nostrils. 

If eating outside is a regular thing for you, take this time to reconnect with the experience. The adaptability of the human mind is not always a blessing, because sometimes it numbs us to the good that we have when such good becomes the norm. So step back (into the sunshine) and take a moment to appreciate the blessing of being able to do this simple thing. Enjoy your lunch in the sunshine. 

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