Mental Wealth Challenge: Day 8

In all the mayhem, I seem to have skipped the post for yesterday. For the sake of completeness, and future reference, I think this is in fact testament to the fact that making a list of short term goals is in fact beneficial. 

The challenge of making a list of short term goals was set aside in favour of distractions that demanded my attention instead. In the process, I found myself busy with stuff, but not necessarily working on the priorities that I set for myself previously. Before continuing with anything else today, I will be sitting down to make my list of short term goals because even though I know what it is that I want to achieve, having it in front of me to reference from time to time will make it easier to focus on it when I am pulled in unexpected directions by unexpected things. 

Day 8: Make the most epic / creative salad you can think of

Making the salad sounds so basic. It is after all one of the most basic of foods that we can eat. But, it prompts us to explore a number of things about ourselves. Firstly, there is the creativity part, especially if your audience is a group of fussy teens. Getting them to be interested in a salad would be quite an achievement. 

Then there is the fact that not everyone feels like they belong in the kitchen. For them, making an epic salad could simply be an attempt at making a salad. Fortunately, with all the culinary geniuses out there these days, even throwing in some gummy bears could be considered artful expertise in the kitchen. 

And of course there is the simple but important aspect of taking care of yourself. Putting in the time to indulge yourself by doing more than the minimum is a sign of gratitude for who you are. Put more effort into fulfilling your own needs, and you may just find that spilling over into your relationships with others. 

Refreshing Thoughts as a Side Dish

Indulging ourselves is yet another fine line between being self-obsessed and taking care of ourselves. It is so easy to get lost in being dutiful about like that we forget that we don’t need an occasion, or permission, to celebrate a little without reason. Making an epic salad, as opposed to simply including some greens with your meal is the difference between living with a focus on getting to your destination, versus enjoying every moment of the journey itself. 

Being weighed down with responsibility can often dull your enthusiasm to do more than the minimum that is needed to get through something. It is exactly in such situations that throwing in a bit of flare, or flaunting your skills (even if only to yourself) that you will find some enchantment or joy in the mundane, while everyone else is chasing an unnatural high because they’ve lost the purity of simple pleasures in life. 

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