Mental Wealth Challenge: Day 4

The previous day’s challenge to walk outside turned out to be better than expected. A business meeting ended up on a little boat ride through a very serene and beautiful lake in perfect weather. Perhaps there is a lesson in that. Try a different approach and you could easily be pleasantly surprised. The problem is, we’re often so convinced of the potential outcomes of other approaches mostly because of hearsay or past experiences, that we don’t consider it as a worthwhile effort any longer. 

Taking a walk outside was just such an opportunity to see if the assumptions about exposing myself to a different routine, and therefore reality, would yield the same results as it did the last time that I tried that. It didn’t. And that was the beauty of the reminder that there are so many variables at play that life usually only settles into a routine if we actively maintain that routine. 

Day 4: Call someone you love

Yet another seemingly simple task, but only if you are surrounded with people with whom you feel comfortable to express such emotion. A good challenge for this day would be to call someone you love that you haven’t spoken to in a while. It’s easy to call someone that you love and have been spending a lot of time with. They will probably get your attention anyway, regardless of this challenge. 

However, making a call to break the ice, or re-establish contact with a loved one that has become estranged for any number of reasons is what truly adds value to our lives. That is the secret to mental health, and wealth. Creating opportunities for growth and building on the blessings that we already have, rather than simply maintaining the status quo. 

I’m reminded of two key points regarding today’s challenge. The first is that studies are increasingly revealing that quality human connections have a profound effect on our physical well-being. The second being that the effects of negative stress from work and other sources  is easily offset if we have access to a supportive social structure. That social structure is more dependent on what we put in, than what we are able to take out. 

Thoughts Worth Cuddling With

We are not independent of society. We are very much a part of it. Our participation or deliberate exclusion from it is what contributes towards its definition. So when we complain about society, we are in fact complaining in part about ourselves. By accepting ourselves more wholesomely, we will be more inclined to contribute towards the upliftment of those around us. This is true because when we believe we hold value within us, our innate nature is to want to share it with others because that confirms our significance and value.

However, when we doubt our significance, we hold back from such contribution, which is why challenges like today’s one is important to break the cycle of self-loathing or even selfishness, so that we can give to others what we need ourselves. And if we are not getting such value from others, what better way to change the world than to start giving what we know it needs more of? 

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