Who’s Really To Blame?

I was going to go on a rant about how ridiculous it is that the American government has effectively laid siege to over a million people based on a whim and some inconclusive video footage and how that same community of a million people appear to be accepting of the siege without question. Or about how they killed a man that was supposedly strapped with bombs but had no signs of anything under his t-shirt when he was shot dead by police whilst in a gunfight, by assuming the very strange posture of being spread-eagled without a firearm in sight (spread-eagled in a gunfight?…hmmmm). I was also thinking of going on a rant about the stupidity of those Americans tweeting about karma because of the earthquakes around the world which would imply that Iran, Pakistan, Japan and a few other countries that were affected by earthquakes in this last seven days alone, are all somehow getting it back because they were supposedly to blame for the bombing in Boston. I was even thinking of dropping a few conspiracy theories about how this is about the oil yet again, since the US has lost the route of their desired pipeline from the Caspian Sea through Afghanistan, so are now in need of an alternate route.

But there’s a more important rant I would rather go on, and it goes something like this. Muslims are soft targets in situations like these because Muslims have violated the laws that govern warfare by attacking and justifying the attacks on civilian targets through suicide bombers for too long. Muslims have allowed the puppet masters to pull their sectarian strings so that they would be too distracted by the grave and urgent need to kill each other instead of focusing on the real threats to the Muslim world. Muslims turn a blind eye to the dictators, corruption, abusers of power and human rights, and so much more in their own countries, that it makes it easy for the bully to walk in and slap them around without them even noticing. Muslims are the first to run in the streets screaming Allahu Akbar when trying to topple a dictator but then despise the proposals to install a Shariah-based rule of law when they achieve success in their efforts.

Muslims can barely find common ground between two people that believe in the five pillars of Islam but differ on historical perspectives, yet they’re the first to cry foul when they become scape goats for America’s bullshit. Muslims are the reason why Muslims are soft targets. America is just clever enough to manipulate a nation that is open to manipulation. Muslims are as weak as the foam on the ocean despite their large numbers not because it’s just the divine prophecy that is being realised, but because they are the reason why the divine prophecy is being realised.

We’re united in rage, but never in understanding. We deserve the trials that are being heaped on us because Allah warned us about our behaviour, about the consequences of our slide into immorality, about the effects of drinking alcohol, about fornication and adultery committed without shame, about the loss of dignity in our actions and our words, about the abuse of our women, and the extravagance in our earthly indulgences, about our tribalism and our prejudices based on arrogance and cultural ties, yet despite all these warnings we persist in justifying why it’s acceptable to curse another Muslim, and even another Muslim’s mother. We still justify why it’s acceptable to curse prominent figures in Islamic history, and to call people disbelievers and deviants because they subscribe to the views of different scholars from your own.

Muslims have turned scholars into idols and infallible saints, and have discarded the true principles of Islam and the Sunnah in favour of doing things the way their forefathers did. So if you really are sincere in trying to understand why Muslims are treated so despicably today, look to the above very short list of examples of what is a very long list of transgressions that we Muslims are guilty of today, and then consider how much are you contributing to these, versus what are you doing to combat these.

No one would have a reason to ridicule or manipulate us if we stood fast on the common good that exists between all these man-made sects that we so ferociously defend, instead of cursing each other for our differences of opinion. If you want a place to start, it’s simple. Start by engaging sincerely and meaningfully with any Muslim that professes the shahadah without conditions, or that practices the Sunnah according to the best of their ability, and not relative to your insistence of what they should be doing instead. Muslims need to get over their individual piety and start realising that they’re already being replaced by a nation that are choosing Islam consciously, because those born into Muslim homes have become too arrogant and ungrateful to realise the bounty that they have been blessed with.

May Allah save us from ourselves, and may He save others from us. Aameen.

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