cynicallyjaded: After much thought and restlessness, I’ve decided to stop actively maintaining my Tumblr blog. I’ve imported all my posts to my WordPress blog, and for now, I intend to bleed on that site instead. I suspect that my Tumblr blog will evolve into being a place for me to reblog things that I like, [...]

HI. Not sure how to phrase this question, but, how has having daughters changed your life? How has the experience of raising them changed you?

Hey…Aslm. 🙂 Having daughters has been quite a blessing and a struggle. My circumstances have caused a significant strain in my relationship with both of them, but that’s not due to any fault on their part. I’m forced to take my life more seriously since having them, and being inherently responsible (painfully so at times), [...]

Unfollow if you wish

As expected, after those last few posts in response to questions I received, the followers have started trickling away. Good riddance if you’re that fickle. Fortunately I wasn’t whoring for your attention, otherwise I would be devastated right now.  Frustration and a desperate need to be understood is what influences the tone and focus of [...]

I think you're intelligent and you're opinionated. You also like to make sure everyone knows it too, not just with your wide vocabulary but because of how you carry yourself. You like to stand out and you also refuse to be a part of "The Sheep Herd" and so you choose to do everything different. You always strive for perfection and you get very upset when things don't meet your standards. So when you struggle in life, you become frustrated and you start to reevaluate everything.

Thank you for your candidness. There’s very few people, unless they’re trying to get the better of me, that offer such candid feedback. So I really appreciate it. I understand completely why you, and many others, would get such an impression of me, and I guess that’s been the struggle of my life. Getting people [...]

You and your wife seem like wonderful people. My questions are: have you lived in South Africa your whole life? What's it like? Which important life experiences shaped you into person you are today?

Thank you…I’ll definitely pass on the compliment. 🙂 I’ve lived in SA my entire life, with two short stints living abroad as well. I spent a year in Saudi and 6 months in Tunisia. South Africa is often under estimated, over simplified, and grossly misunderstood. It’s beautiful and horrible at the same time. We spend [...]

Well, I've always wondered in which age gap you fall? Your knowledge is rich and you express yourself in a lucid way, it's something which I've admired from day one and I can't help asking from which sources your gather all this information? Are you a reader, and if so then which sort of books do you prefer? And if I may say so I think you will make a good life coach, you certainly possess all the qualities which one should have to pursue that field.

I guess I can’t avoid this question forever. 🙂 So at the risk of losing 90% of my followers, I’m just over 40.  Thanks for the kind words. I’m actually not an avid reader at all. If I do read, it’s usually non-fiction. I started reading Muhammed Asad’s Road to Mecca a few weeks ago, [...]