Questions from a Non-Muslim

cynicallyjaded: wolfy18: I have a few questions I’d like to put out to the Muslims & Christians on here. Some questions might appeal to one religion more so than the other and the questions are sort of related to eachother, but whatever. 1.  If God is all seeing, all knowing, and the great planner of everything, does … Continue reading Questions from a Non-Muslim

Dua Qunoot

Dua Qunoot Transliteration: allahumma innaa nasta 'Eenuka wa nastaghfiruka wa nu'minubika wa natawakkalu 'Alayka wa nuthni 'Alaykal khair. wa nashkuru ka wa laa nak furuka wa nakhla'U wa natruku mayyaf juruk. allahumma iyyaka n'Abudu wa lakanusollee wa nasjudu wa ilayka nas'Aa wa nakhfidu wa narjoo raHmataka wa nakhshaa 'Adhaabaka inna 'Adhaabaka bil kuffaari mulHiqq. (Image … Continue reading Dua Qunoot

Madrassa for the Blind

If you’re looking for a worthy cause that is in need of support, consider Madrassa An-Noor for The Blind. They’ve been producing really great work in support of blind Muslims with the Qur’an published in braille, and numerous Islamic publications also made available in braille and other formats that can be used by the visually … Continue reading Madrassa for the Blind

Free Advice on Document Writing

Here’s my pet peeves when it comes to document writing: The document is worded the way the author thinks rather than how it is supposed to be read The content is answering a question that is irrelevant to the subject or focus of the issue at hand The audience is completely forgotten in the pitch … Continue reading Free Advice on Document Writing

Cowardly Israeli Soldier

peacewithintheheart: “Palestinian Girl vs. Israel Soldier” omgg omg…. :`(  God bless her!!!!!! Look at the big boy with the small dick. Excuse my language, but if there’s still any doubt that the cowards are the ones carrying the big guns these days, then there are a lot of people that are either not paying attention, … Continue reading Cowardly Israeli Soldier

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