cynicallyjaded: wolfy18: I have a few questions I’d like to put out to the Muslims & Christians on here. Some […]
Dua Qunoot Transliteration: allahumma innaa nasta ‘Eenuka wa nastaghfiruka wa nu’minubika wa natawakkalu ‘Alayka wa nuthni ‘Alaykal khair. wa nashkuru […]
If you’re looking for a worthy cause that is in need of support, consider Madrassa An-Noor for The Blind. They’ve […]
Here’s my pet peeves when it comes to document writing: The document is worded the way the author thinks rather […]
peacewithintheheart: “Palestinian Girl vs. Israel Soldier” omgg omg…. :`(  God bless her!!!!!! Look at the big boy with the small […]