To Blog, or Reblog?

cynicallyjaded: Seriously considering becoming a re-blogger. No one appreciates original material any longer. People mostly like things only if they see other people liking things, and the number of people that like originality rather than fads are few and far between. I agree with all the comments, and I appreciate the compliments, but I guess …

The joys of living in a country where the superior education of our ministers leads criminals to believe that they can blame Satan for their deeds. The last line in this article was the kicker for me. Trying to explain away a deranged mind by claiming that she couldn’t afford a funeral, hence burying her husband in a shallow grave inside the house! And this is the kind of responsibility and accountability that senior members of government actually endorse? Definitely time for the ANC to get out of office and make way for genuinely competent people to govern this country.

MEC blames crimes on Satan | News24