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May I ask how old is she? I’ve found that kids pick up their parents ideals by observing them, so maybe it will take a while but slowly she will come to adopt them 🙂 and I agree about the staggering disappearance of ideals from our society.

She’s seven, going on eight, with a mouth of a 65 year old. I guess I’m extra sensitive about this because the slightest hint of despicable mannerisms that she displays from the family that raised her before her mother died, it sends me into panic mode that she may grow up to be like them after all in spite of our best efforts. It’s not fair on her, or us, but it is what it is. She was unfortunately exposed to horrendous behaviour entirely inappropriate for adults, let alone a 5 year old before I obtained full custody of her two years ago. So it’s been a somewhat difficult path in trying to get her to unlearn all the adult behaviour she picked up on, and trying to get her to understand what is age appropriate for kids her age. 

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