A Run-On Rant

I have this intense urge to want to write something meaningful but I’m completely distracted by the saddening news that the people around me don’t know what I do for a living no matter how many times and how many ways I’ve tried my level best to explain in as simple terms as possible what … Continue reading A Run-On Rant

Question – Pompous Pursuits

doctorofnothing replied to your post: Pompous Pursuits what do you do? but yeah… most academic pursuits are vocational training no matter how you label it. after all, that’s the point of existence within the modern framework. I’m an IT professional with a really weird job description. Actually, I’m not even in IT any longer, but … Continue reading Question – Pompous Pursuits

How The Greek Bail Out Works

Received this in email a while back. Stumbled across it today again and thought it worth sharing…I have no idea if this is a true reflection of how the bail out package actually works, but it’s an interesting tale nonetheless. 🙂 It is a slow day in a little Greek Village. The rain is beating … Continue reading How The Greek Bail Out Works

I can attest to the truth of this. We see it in the corporate environment throughout. Holding on to principles or ethics proves to be severe career limiting decisions these days.

Psychopaths flourish in top management positions as bad times persist

Pompous Pursuits

Apparently I use too big words in my business emails at the office. I was ‘reprimanded’ today by a very senior member of the organisation regarding my use of ‘big words’ when questioning or explaining issues in email. This is hilarious in a number of ways, most importantly in that the people that generally accuse … Continue reading Pompous Pursuits

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