The Real Terrorists

The numbers speak for themselves. There’s no point in sharing any observations around this because anyone with a thinking brain can see the disproportion between what is stated in the media and emphasised in studied history relative to the facts. It’s a simple chart indicating the death toll of the various responsible ‘civilisations’ since the … Continue reading The Real Terrorists

Life Lessons From Forrest Gump

Nothing amazing was ever achieved through conformance, and non-conformance is by its very nature a painful experience. Human nature, through its inherent survival instinct will avoid pain if left to follow its instinct. But we’re a step above animals, because we have superior intellect, reason and choice. If we cower, we reduce ourselves to animals. … Continue reading Life Lessons From Forrest Gump

Religious Privilege

thisiswhiteprivilege: White privilege is brutally murdering 77 people in an anti-islamic crusade in ‘self-defence’ against multiculturalism, consequently being considered for possible psychiatric and treatment rather than imprisonment, and never referred to as a terrorist. This is not white privilege, it’s religious privilege. If he had been a white Muslim, the result would have been very … Continue reading Religious Privilege

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