Brain dump…almost

This icy weather, failed attempts at parenting and hyper-acidity are recipes for a very depressive night. But there’s enough positivity to keep me grounded in reality, rather than allow me to slip into a morbid state. Nonetheless it’s the type of mood that prompts mass un-follows and bulk deletions of posts, but for now, I’ll … Continue reading Brain dump…almost

Question – Trigger Warning

be1ieve replied to your photo: That little red bastard should come with a trigger… haha yesss! i did the same thing and right away your post came along. Don’t you feel so helpless when that happens? I mean, that need to click…especially when you’re about to walk away from your laptop and just as you’re … Continue reading Question – Trigger Warning

Trigger Warning

That little red bastard should come with a trigger warning cos it almost always provokes an OCD reaction in any serious Tumblrer. click…click…click…

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