From Victims to Oppressors

Watching Al Jazeera this morning, I was reminded of an Arab proverb that says something like:

Your leaders are as you are

The corruption, greed and cruelty we witness being dished out in healthy portions to the masses by governments both East and West is reflected in the morals of the average person. Finding someone that stands for old fashioned values of morality, integrity, honesty, modesty, and sincerity is like looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack. Worse still, if you actually do find someone that lives by those old school values, chances are they’re outcasts of society, and are mocked for being naive.

We turn a blind eye to the trespasses of many because we find it difficult to overlook our own hypocrisy if we were to stand up against such degradation in society. We’re so busy judging everyone else, and justifying our own actions on the basis of ‘they do it so why can’t I’ that we fail to see that we’re actually victims of our own bullshit.

This wheel is turning, karma is knocking, fate is responding, and what we sent around is now coming around. So it’s funny to see how we’re all suddenly victims of the oppression being practised against us, simply because it’s so easy to forget how we oppress those around us. For every victim you create in a child, you create a monster as an adult. Given how rare magnanimity is in individuals, chances are great that for every child victim of abuse or oppression, you’re creating yet another tyrant or monster that will take its revenge the moment it has the faculties, resources and opportunity to exact it from other victims; in the same way that we oppress those that are easy targets of our venomous purges, because more often than not, it’s easier to project our anger onto those that are unlikely to retaliate, than it is to project it onto those that justifiably deserve it.

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