Random thoughts about people and me

I’ve often felt like life was a losing battle. No matter how often I would extend myself to those that I accepted as significant in my life, I found myself grovelling rather than being appreciated. Grovelling for attention or reciprocation that is. The more I extended myself, the less I was appreciated, which in some … Continue reading Random thoughts about people and me

Lab pe aati hai dua…a beautiful song by Dr Allama Iqbal. I first heard this on radio when I lived in Cape Town many years ago. It always gave me goose bumps, and still does. I don’t understand Urdu, but the sincerity and melodious tone of it pierces through me each time I listen to … Continue reading

Kerkennah, Tunisia

Sunset on Kerkennah Island in Tunisia. (c) Zaid Ismail June 2008

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