yesterdaysareoftenindigo answered your question: Sexual Orientation But you dont genetically like/dislike Mushrooms and you dont choose to like/dislike them its neither a choice or genes its a developed taste. Sometimes it’s a developed taste because we seek variety, and other times it’s a craving that our bodies have because we need the specific nutritional value Continue Reading

Sexual Orientation

Or should that be ‘sectual orientation’? Someone used this term when asking me about my religious persuasion, but I think it applies in this case as well. After researching this topic for some time, and having been exposed to many people that identify as ‘Gay’, my original views remain consistent. Homosexuality is a choice, and Continue Reading


When I look at what may lie ahead for me in life, it feels like my struggles have just begun. The uncertainty and hopefulness, if left unchecked leaves me feeling ambivalent about important goals and objectives and often results in me slipping into a morbid state wondering if the future holds more promise than my Continue Reading