Well, this is how far I’ve gotten so far. The name on the canvas is supposed to read ‘Naadirah’. I decided to keep the style crisp and simple for now. The crayon melting is going to prove to be a challenge given the ‘minimalist’ font style that I chose for this. I made this up entirely by the way. So if any criticism, please be gentle. 

The other canvas is waiting to be painted with the name ‘Naaziyah’. And a third canvas will separate the two hopefully with a design that will span all three canvases to complete it as a set. 

Edit: Just finished the second canvas, so both the names are done. Now I’m not so sure if the original idea of melting crayons will actually suit this style. 🙁 Any suggestions? This is going in a room for little girls of 7 and 11. Not really my area of expertise at all. 🙁

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