The common trend in hypocritical behaviour is the presence of an influential force that yields too much power. This is true in private and public life. In private, it would often be the overbearing influence of a bigoted family that imposes their societal prejudices on intimidated family members, and in public, it’s often the threat of exclusion or isolation from social circles.

Obviously, the common denominator between the two would be a low self-esteem or a lack of independence. 

Edit: On days like these I feel like throwing in the towel and just walking away from it all. Everyone and everything. Judgemental bastards will be the end of me yet. It seems I’m the kind of person that’s great to know, but not good to have around. My anomalous nature that I lament so often endows me with a novelty value that most are consumed by…for a few days anyway…only to fade into the shadows again without a trace. I feel distinctly and nostalgically morbid tonight. Yet another experience has reminded me of betrayals that I’d much rather forget. But the trends continue, so the memories persist, and it all threatens to finally disembowel me of any naivety or optimism that I hold so dear. The butcher’s hook beckons me once again. I almost lack the will power or inclination to resist it.

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