For all those with selective memories about this so-called ‘Islamist’ that killed those children in France, perhaps you need to be reminded about Anders Behring Breivik. In both cases, it has nothing to do with religion, no matter how much the deranged men that used religion as an excuse profess it to be as such.  Get Continue Reading

Alhamdulillah, through a collaborative effort, we’ve been fortunate to secure premises for salaah at the office. We have about 80 or more Muslims that have indicated an interest in using the facility out of about 2000 staff members of various races and religions. This is promising. We’re finalising details with the building manager to provision Continue Reading

The common trend in hypocritical behaviour is the presence of an influential force that yields too much power. This is true in private and public life. In private, it would often be the overbearing influence of a bigoted family that imposes their societal prejudices on intimidated family members, and in public, it’s often the threat Continue Reading

About to make my first ever attempt at Arabic calligraphy. Want to paint two canvases for my daughters’ room with their names on each one. Planning to do the text in black oil paint, against a bright white background, with melted wax crayons to provide a splash of colour in swirls around selected corners of Continue Reading