Do you ever look at yourself?

cynicallyjade: Do you ever look at yourself endearingly? At least long enough until you realise that you need to dismiss your thoughts because it sets fire to a desire to want to be consumed, physically and emotionally‚Ķbut more physically? Ever look at yourself endearingly and wish that someone would see you through your own eyes, … Continue reading Do you ever look at yourself?

The mercy of Allah is an ocean. Our sins are a lump of clay clenched between the beak of a pigeon. The pigeon is perched on the branch of a tree at the edge of that ocean. It only has to open its beak. Leila Aboulela (via poeticislam) Unfortunately I couldn’t help but think that … Continue reading

Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (via golden-crescent)


I feel somewhat weepy today. Strange though, because I have no real reason to feel this way. No, this is not my feminine side showing, it’s my human side. At times the accumulation of life’s struggles creeps up on me without warning, and it’s when things are going well that I realise how bad it … Continue reading Life

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