Number 5 specifically caught my attention because it spurred the following thought process so early in the morning. So bear with me, but I think there’s another important reason why comparing ourselves to others is a futile exercise. Apart from the fact that we’ll never know what they’ve been through, chances are we also will never know what they’re aspiring to be.

We all have deeply personal goals that we probably may never share with another human in our lifetime. I think these goals are what influence our choices in life more than the obvious goals. Often, we bury these ideals so far down that we forget what it was consciously, yet sub-consciously it still drives our choices which usually ends up with us proclaiming under duress in an anguished tone, ‘I don’t know why I do this!. 

Seriously though, looking to others to get bearings about our own journey is like driving along a highway and peering through the window of the car next to you so that you can see where their GPS is directing them to go. It’s ridiculous, reckless and simply dangerous. Chances are you’ll land up in the crash barrier and they’ll continue unaffected on their journey. 

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