Netizens Mourn After A Moroccan Girl Who Was Forced To Marry Her Rapist Commits Suicide

#RIPAmina is gaining traction following the suicide of a young girl, Amina from Larache, Morocco. According to online reports, Amina was raped by a man 10 years her senior a year ago. Following an agreement between her family and a civil court Amina was forced to marry her rapist, which protected him from any criminal charges according to Moroccan penal code. 

The snapshot below highlights Article 475 from Moroccan law which decrees that anyone who rapes a female minor, under the age of 18, will receive immunity from criminal charges as long as they marry the minor.

Women’s rights groups in Morocco, like Mouvement Alternatif pour les Libertés Individuelles (MALI), have been vocal in their opposition against Article 475. 

MALI issued the following press release on March 8, also International Women’s Day, to protest Moroccan law. 


This is sad beyond belief…and twisted. So by this logic, if I’m looking for a young bride in Morocco, I just need to find one that I like, rape her, give her parents a few sweet gifts on the side, and she’ll be forced to marry me! Customs like these disgust me. There can be no cultural respect under such circumstances!

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