Evolutionists vs. Creationists. Tedious.

I often wonder what difference does the raging debates between creationists and evolutionists make to the beggar in the street, or the starving child? Perhaps it improves the quality of life of the molested little girl, or the wayward teenager. Maybe it even dissuades the addict from drowning their sorrows in a needle or a bottle, and perhaps even gives hope to the oppressed masses under tyrannical rulers. 

It obviously doesn’t. What it does do is create monsters who thrive on their arrogant assumptions that they know the answers to humanity’s problems, or origins. There is no visible benefit that I can see from the argument, and if creationists just realise that even if evolution is true (I said IF), then being creationists, shouldn’t they accept that it is part of the design of their Creator? 

Take pride out of the equation and there is no debate to be had. Leave alone that which does not concern you and you’ll have a much more tranquil life, with time to spare to appreciate the beauty of everything around us, regardless of the process it went through to become beautiful. 

Personally, I believe without a doubt that everything was created. I’m too intelligent and amazing as a human being and a human body to have just happened by fluke. And so is everyone else. And whether I evolved from a monkey, or was created as I am doesn’t change my current state or my ability in any way at all. In my own lifetime I’ve witnessed how the process of natural selection has created more beautiful beings by the generation. This is entirely expected if our natural selection always drives us to seek out the ones we find most attractive. It’s inevitable that the resultant choices would be increased beauty with each generation. 

If that qualifies as evolution, then who can argue with it? But yet some have the ridiculous arrogance to profess to know the facts of what occurred millions of years before they existed through the subjective interpretation of markers in artefacts the origins of which is entirely left to conjecture given that there is no recorded history to support their ‘facts’.

It’s sadly amusing. Trying to answer questions relating to the origins of man whilst using it as a distraction not to notice the suffering of mankind. 

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