Brutal Road Rage Caught on CCTV in South Africa. (by ZigGames)

Apathy in South Africa. It doesn’t only exist across racial boundaries, but as can be seen in this video, people from the same racial group look on with disinterest and absolutely no compassion while the victim lays (seemingly unconscious) on the side walk. 

Business as usual. And this is not atypical of the arrogance and brutal criminality of the taxi drivers in South Africa. Most road users are abused by these scum on a daily basis, with the metro police either too scared or too corrupt to intervene. But miss a payment for a fine, and they’ll use brutal force to arrest you and harass you until you pay a bribe. 

This is the reality of the dark side of daily life in South Africa, regardless which part of the country you’re in. The mini bus taxi industry is a law unto themselves and have even successfully caused massive disruptions to the implementation of government initiatives to introduce better public transport which largely only exists in very basic forms in most areas in South Africa. Instead of responding firmly, the government decided to negotiate by making the taxi bosses major shareholders in the public transport industry before they were allowed to proceed with the implementation of a bus service into areas that never had it before.

I could go on about this ridiculous bullshit. But I’ll stop. Even major public outcries have done nothing to spur government into meaningful action on this issue. Such is the corruption within the ANC-led government in SA. It’s beyond scandalous.

By the way, the victim in the video is a 51 year old homeless man. Society will  truly be judged by the way they treat the weakest amongst them.

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