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Unanswered Questions About The ‘Scholars’

Taking whatever the scholars say at face value without understanding or questioning inevitably endows them with the quality of infallibility, even though it may not be intended. A question I keep asking without getting an answer is, ‘how are we supposed to fulfill the recommendation of the Hadith that tells us to share our knowledge … Continue reading Unanswered Questions About The ‘Scholars’

Evolutionists vs. Creationists. Tedious.

I often wonder what difference does the raging debates between creationists and evolutionists make to the beggar in the street, or the starving child? Perhaps it improves the quality of life of the molested little girl, or the wayward teenager. Maybe it even dissuades the addict from drowning their sorrows in a needle or a … Continue reading Evolutionists vs. Creationists. Tedious. Brutal Road Rage Caught on CCTV in South Africa. (by ZigGames) Apathy in South Africa. It doesn’t only exist across racial boundaries, but as can be seen in this video, people from the same racial group look on with disinterest and absolutely no compassion while the victim lays (seemingly unconscious) on the side walk.  … Continue reading

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