Random Thoughts #1


Why do we follow without questioning ?
Why do we abide by the rules even if it hurts us in more ways than one ?
Why do we ignore our basic set of prerogatives ?
Why do we allow ourselves to get our mouths stitched up, our hands tied and our feet locked ?

Why ?
Oh please tell me… why ?

For assurance ?
For acceptance ?
For a common identity ?

For what ?
Oh please tell me… for what ?

For acceptance and inclusion because life is less lonely that way. The reality is that those with back bone to be independently minded will be at odds with most people, since most people choose to conform rather than apply their minds. That’s why the thinkers will always be the loners when compared to the rest of society. In fact, if you think about it, the loners would not think so much if they were surrounded by the distractions of social popularity. They simply wouldn’t have enough time.

I want to know what you think

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