seinedoll answered your question: Some Muslims on Tumblr…Disappointing :’( You used the right words: insincerity and arrogance. They are close-minded I am afraid. I’m extremely disillusioned right now. The blatant disregard for common courtesy, let alone respect. The condescension and arrogance in tone. The blatant blind following of scholars. The selective use of language to Continue Reading

Some Muslims on Tumblr…Disappointing :'(

I’ve found, disappointingly so, that many of my fellow Muslim bloggers have turned out to be insincere and arrogant. Especially many of those that are outwardly and in-your-face religiously pious. I genuinely try to engage with many of them in a meaningful manner so that we can really dissect some important issues and perhaps expose Continue Reading

bullettothebrain replied to your post: The natural beauty of a woman is often concealed… and yet society dictates that make-up is necessary for a woman to be presentable I personally prefer a woman without make-up. The occasional embellishment of the eyes or the lips is attractive. But I think it’s more the novelty value of Continue Reading

muhammadkhairyfarhan: “Asalamu alaikum. Can you explain why listening to Abu Musab is a bad idea? After reading the pdf I still don’t see the problem as he said that the website is not “his” website, yet the writer continues to call it “his website”. Furthermore, the author did not post his reasoning as to why Continue Reading