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cynicallyjade: I won’t hold my breath…but anons welcome.

Reminder for my new followers :)

cynicallyjade: A small reminder for those followers of mine that may be interested in my views on Islam and related matters, I have a separate blog for that and I would really like to get your input or opinions on some of the issues that I’m grappling with in that space. You can find that … Continue reading Reminder for my new followers 🙂

nonchalante: Once upon a time… Humans crave & devour change. You give them a teaspoon, they take a whole cupful. They look in the mirror and change their pigmentation, their hair texture, the structure of their faces, they realign every part of them until they are well pleased with the outcome. But they never are. … Continue reading

Islam is a mirror in which the West projects its own identity crisis. Olivier Roy in Secularism Confronts Islam (via thedastan)

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