Manners of Talking to Others

(Friday speech delivered by Imam Mohamed Baianonie at the Islamic Center of Raleigh, NC on April 24, 1998) Islam has legislated a number of rules that a Muslim should abide by when speaking to others. A Muslim must always remember, without a doubt, that he will account for every good and bad thing that he … Continue reading Manners of Talking to Others

zombiejihadi: tmihijabi replied to your post: myreadings replied to your post: Where in the… as salaam alaikum, from my understanding, the preferred way to dispose of a Qur’an that is beyond its use or defaced is to bury it. I don’t have proof of that, however. I need to study more. Wa alaikum asalam Never … Continue reading

I once held this naive notion that underneath everything and anything, there was a discernible purity that nothing could displace. I thought that if you could only peel back our layers, no matter how thick and crude they may be, we were all just luminous and waxy, glowing under moonlight. I believed that we were … Continue reading talibulilm-dawud: The TV is a DEVIL (Shaitan) Part 1-Abu Muhammed Al-Maghribee (by SalafiJustice) Spot the irony in this? Anyone? Last time I checked, the TV was a medium through which mostly audio/video content was presented, not dissimilar to the very same audio/visual content used to communicate this message about the TV being a devil. … Continue reading

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