seinedoll replied to your post: Personal Reflections Cheer up please! Everything is in your head. 🙂 thanks…it is mostly in my head…except for the weight gain! That’s definitely not in my head! I decided tonight that I’ll write the story of me…if not for any reason other than the hope that it will lighten the … Continue reading

Personal Reflections

I’ve realised recently that I’ve been distracted. These distractions have worn me down to a point of almost total lethargy and painful effort to do almost anything constructive. I’ve succumbed to the same self-defeating tendencies that I’ve always encouraged others to simply snap out of. Worse still is that I realise that this is what … Continue reading Personal Reflections

Googlighting. For anyone interested in the war of words between Google and Microsoft, this is a must-see. Latest ad from Microsoft nailing Google. (Source:

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